dog in yard

Pet-Friendly Landscape Ideas

Pet Parents – Make your yard a sanctuary that your furry children will pawsitively love!


Instead of schlepping off to the park or the high school ball fields, or putting your pooch on a leash so that you can walk around the block 20 times, you can transform your yard into an oasis for your pet. A few simple additions and well-chosen plants can make a world of difference for your pet.


sand for pet friendly landscaping doggie sandbox



Covered sandboxes give pups a place to dig, play, or just relax. You can build your own out of wood, purchase a child’s sandbox, or use a plastic kiddie pool. Or, get creative! Dig a low spot in the ground, fill it with sand, and border it with rocks, wood rounds, whatever!


water features bubblers for pet friendly landscaping drinking fountain



Low to the ground bubblers and fountains are perfect for keeping him hydrated. Choose from valley boulders, pillars, dish rocks, or stack flat slab rocks for a unique water feature. Best of all, there’s no need to keep refilling the water bowl! Your best friend will always stay hydrated.


pet friendly plants for landscaping natural flea repellent



Pet-friendly plants, shrubs and trees can provide shady spots for animals to get out of the heat. Plus, some plants such as garden sage, sweet basil, marigolds and lavender even repel fleas and ticks!


There are many other ways you can make your yard a place that your pets will never want to leave. Add some other activities for them to do, such as obstacle courses or automatic ball throwers. Use sliver-free hemlock barkdust for flower beds. Choose materials for pathways that will be easy on their feet. The pawsibilities are endless!