All Purpose Sand

$45/yard – Perfect for horse arenas, landscaping, under pavers, or in sandboxes.

Beach/Dune Sand

$55/yard – For play boxes, volleyball courts, etc.


BYOB - ONLY $2.00!

Bring a 5-Gallon bucket and we’ll fill it with any product for only $2.00!
(Excludes firewood and boulders)

Want It Delivered?

We can do that! Our trucks haul up to 15 yards of material.* For your added convenience, we can also split the load. This means you can get bark nuggets and compost all in one trip!

*See Delivery page for truck capacity based on product type.

Not sure how much product to get?

This calculator will help you calculate how many yards of material you’ll need for the job. First measure the length and width of the area you want to cover. Then decide how deep you'd like coverage to be.