Wood rounds pathway

Using Wood and Wood Rounds in Landscaping

So, your local landscape supply yard is having a half-price sale on small wood rounds. Or maybe you just cut down a tree in your yard. Or you’re tired of splitting wood and you just want to “hide” these last few pieces. Whatever the reason, put those wood rounds, chunks, and even tree stumps to work creating a beautiful and unique landscape.


using wood in landscaping



Gone are the days of plain ole rock pathways. Slice wood rounds or logs to create a unique place to tread. Irregular shapes and branch nubs make for a truly one-of-a-kind look. Consider mixing it up by adding different types of stone. Quarter inch rock between the rounds, a round rock or small valley boulder border, and even red cinder rock will really make the wood grain pop! 


using wood in landscaping
A throwback from the Victorian age, a stumpery can transform shaded areas.


Stumpery Gardens

A stumpery is a garden made from parts of trees. Popular during Victorian times, stumperies can consist of stumps, wood rounds, logs, branches, and even machined timbers or boards. While they look great in any area of the yard, stumperies are especially perfect in shaded areas where ferns, hostas, and other shade-loving plants flourish. Want to make it even more unique? Add column rocks, birdbath rocks, or even a bubbler.


using wood in landscaping
Stumpery gardens like this one in Biddulph are still popular throughout England.


using wood in landscaping


Add Some Whimsy

Don’t be afraid to add some fun elements to your landscape. Creative pieces like this train made from wood rounds are not only great conversation starters, but they are the perfect vessel for adding pops of color to your yard.



using wood in landscaping


Wood can be the perfect addition to any landscape. We hope these few suggestions help spark your creativity for unique ways you can personalize your space. There’s a forest of possibilities just waiting to be realized!